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The Government Relations Teams Supply Information To Regulators And Legislators, Monitor Legislation That Could Affect Bluecross Members, And Advocate For Policies That Promote Access And Affordability In Health Care.

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Winton is responsible for leading all government relations efforts for BlueCross and supervising government relations staff in Nashville and Washington, D.C. The government relations teams supply information to regulators and legislators, monitor legislation that could affect BlueCross members, and advocate for policies that promote access and affordability in health care. Prior to her promotion, Ms. Winton had served as director of state government relations and associate general counsel. Before joining BlueCross in 2009, she was chief counsel for Insurance, Securities and TennCare oversight divisions of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance. She was also a staff attorney for the department. Dakasha has proven to be particularly adept at navigating and communicating within the complex regulatory and legislative landscape, while demonstrating the highest levels of knowledge and integrity, said JD Hickey, M.D., BlueCross president and CEO. Ms. Winton graduated cum laude from Tennessee State University and earned her law degree from the University of Memphis. She is a member of the Nashville and Tennessee Bar Associations, the Tennessee Lobbyists Association, and the American Health Lawyers Association. In 2010, she was named a fellow of Americas Health Insurance Plans, and she actively participates in legislative and regulatory workgroups for both AHIP and the BlueCross BlueShield Association. Ms.

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