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Call.s at 1-800-625-8015 for your FREE Tax Relief Consultation Or fill out our on-line form to Request a callback >> Get a FREE Consultation with a top Tax Attorney! We have identified and listed below some marketing companies that will most likely transfer you, or sell your name to a Tax Attorney Firm: What options are available to me to solve my tax problems? Read more You've come to the right place. I hope the information I have compiled on this website is helpful for you to gain an understanding of the common issues that occur during a tax controversy matter. Our tax attorneys are dedicated to providing responsive, personalized legal service of the utmost quality to our clients in all areas of taxation law including representation before the Internal Revenue Service, Employment Development Department EDP, State Board of Equalization DBE, Franchise Tax Board FTC for Tax Audits, Offer In Compromise, Bank and Wage Seizures & Levy, Tax Liens, Tax Appeals, Tax Court Litigation, Criminal Tax, 941 & 940 Payroll or Employment Tax, Trust Fund Taxes, Bankruptcy, Business Formation, and Estate Planning . The IRS does NOT like it when a business is not paying its taxes. The language of a tax statute is further applied and interpreted by tax regulations drafted by the Treasury Department. If you would like to discuss your case, please feel free to call me at 410-497-5947 for a free consultation, or submit your information in the box to the right, and I will call you. The IRS will sometimes lower or eliminate these fees with a well worded request. Tax laws can be confusing--and further complicated by the fact that the tax code changes regularly. Technical analysis, issue identification or development, research, drafting, strategy, settlements and undeveloped tax issues.

7 BDN OpEd , Harold Borns and Sharon Tisher point out that increased carbon emissions dating from the Industrial Revolution have led to higher temperatures, sea level rise, and ocean acidification. They have the credentials to know whereof they speak, and we have seen first-hand the effects on Maine damage to our fisheries, with the shrimp fishery closed again ; less snow to attract winter tourism; and tick-borne diseases increasing. Borns and Tisher also offer a way forward: Ending fossil fuel subsidies and setting up a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend, which would tax carbon as a pollutant and return all the money collected directly to American households. That is the market-based strategy promoted by Citizens Climate Lobby, a grass-roots and nonpartisan organization with several chapters in Maine, including one in Bangor. A growing number of scientists and public policy experts believe a carbon fee and dividend is the simplest, most effective way to bring about the necessary transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Luckily, Maine has plenty of renewable energy resources that could create jobs here. Christina Diebold Bangor Rural economy should embrace solar Being from a rural area, and moving to the city, one thing I have noticed is that even some of the most liberal folks I know cannot grasp the challenges and economic problems of folks who live in rural America. Perhaps this disconnect comes from a lack of experience in living in rural poverty, from the folks who are generally in positions of power at the state and city level. I remember distinctly working with my hands growing up, and I still have friends who make a living with their hands. They are hard-working people who go out in 32-degree weather and who go out in 90-degree weather. They are proud folks who are great at what they do, and take pride in the work they do. I truly, truly believe that the rural economies should and could be invested in with jobs in solar and wind. As far as the market is concerned, solar is where its at.

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Tired of firms that promise to settle your taxes for Pennies on the Dollar? He will be familiar with the Treasury regulations and IRS rulings on that statute. The professionals at JG Tax Group know how the IRS thinks and what they are looking for and therefore any negotiations with the IRS will be done from a place of power and not fear. GET STARTED WITH OUR TAX ATTORNEYS To find Out more, contact us on-line, or call 888-241-0002 to speak with a tax resolution specialist today.